Get your gingham on!

Is gingham me? I’m not 100% sure about the answer to that question. But one thing that’s beyond doubt is that it’s major news for S/S 15, having popped up everywhere from Oscar de la Renta, to Altuzarra and Michael Kors.

Having just questioned whether gingham is the print for me, conversely I do actually have a positive story to tell about this trend destined to infiltrate many’s a new season wardrobe. In 2008, I attended a Q&A session and book signing in Dublin with Candace Bushnell, the creator of the Sex and the City novels and ergo the eponymous heroine Carrie Bradshaw – for her new novel at the time, One Fifth Avenue. On the day, I was wearing a red gingham pencil skirt from Penney’s and a black blazer with white trimming (which subsequently went pink in the wash – but after the initial grr factor I actually kinda liked it better that way!) The only reason I remember this all these years later is that when I went up to get my book signed, Candace Bushnell was lovely and said she really liked my outfit!Candace1

My signed copy of Candace Bushnell's One Fifth Avenue
My signed copy of Candace Bushnell’s One Fifth Avenue

I reckon if gingham can cut the mustard for the woman who brought Ms Bradshaw into this world (not to mention Samantha!) it really ought to be good enough for me. Bearing that in mind I’ve compiled my top five Gildo’s Gingham Gems below – hope you like them!

By the by, I’ll let you know if Sex and the City stylist Patricia Fielding ever complements my outfit – or at least I would do if I wasn’t too busy swooning in a heap. Oh, and that original Penney’s gingham pencil skirt? I actually managed to destroy it with a huge ink stain – don’t ask me how. (You may be beginning to notice a pattern emerging here with regards to clothing care. Well, if I was anyone else it’d probably bother me but frankly I lived with myself long enough now to know better!)

So without further ado, here it is…My top five Gildo’s Gingham Gems:

1. In at number one, is this gorgeous dress from #Toocute. I reckon it would look divine with a floppy hat such as this one from Missguided below. Both items can be found here and here.


floppyhat2. A slightly more unusual choice perhaps, this carefree pink and white playsuit number from Missguided would look beaut on holidays somewhere sunny. And for an absolute bargain of a price tag of just €6.99, I mean, you can’t go wrong, can you? Check it out here.Gingham3

3. I’m a sucker for a Peter Pan collar, so it’s just as well they don’t appear to be going anywhere fast. How lucky were the girls of Summer Bay that they essentially got to wear the below treat from New Look, albeit in a different colour way, as their school uniform? Come to think of it, our school’s ‘summer shirts’ were actually blue gingham. Maybe I should dig it out? Err…no! Snap this up here.GinghamDress1

  1. Just to make it absolutely clear, I do not have the stomach to wear #4, but in case you do, this is one cute combo. It’s from and you can check it out here.Gingham1
  2. Gingham just got sophisticated with this fab shift dress from Missguided, which can be found here.GinghamSophisticatedAnd a wildcard choice likewise from Missguided…KISS stands for Keep It Simple, Silly! and this is what this bonus pick available here, does perfectly. And only €13.99 – wowsers!Gingham4

Do you agree with my choices? Let me know if you’re planning to get your gingham on this spring!


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