Your soul cleaves to my soul

Your tears do not roll down into the abyss

Knowing your thoughts encase around mine is a sensation of bliss.


That nothing is missing, that no part craves for more

The quiet comfort to know you beside me on the floor.


Not that that could happen, nothing is that ideal.

But if you ever called me, you I would not fail.


There is a bond that stretches back, right the way back through the years

Shared laughter of girlish silliness, mingling shared hurts of our tears

You believe in me and correspondingly, I know enough to see through your façade

People can say you’re one thing, but darling, they are one dimension sad.

I know better, I know you.

Yours is a life force we have to renew.


There is something below that wonders what does this really mean?

Sometimes I feel closed off within myself, in sensations locked between.

Physicality can push that out, but after that there are words.

Words that sweep up the remaining tremors.


A love filtering through the daily mundane drips dropping, outstrips all the norm.

If I can carry that love in my heart, today I go out and transform.

Nothing major, nothing in the news, but an act of kindness explodes our views.

If all our worldly cribs are lined up in a grid, in a cold, regimented dorm.

One little gives a slice of this cherished joy; that’s when contentment is born.








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