My very short-lived career as a fashion designer (aged 9)!

The House of Eliott - a design classic!
The House of Eliott – a design classic!

I’m probably showing my age here, but does anyone remember a BBC programme from the early 90s called ‘The House of Eliott’? Two sisters, Beatrice and Evangeline, had their own fabulous fashion house, set back in the art-deco glory age of the 1920s. Financial problems aside, they seemed to lead wonderful lives, designing glamorous pret-a-porter numbers for their wealthy clientele and looking after seamstresses called Tilly.

Did you have a 'Fashion Wheel'?
Did you have a ‘Fashion Wheel’?

Anyhow I absolutely loved it! I even used to do a bizarre sort of highly energetic Charleston in our living-room whenever the theme tune came on to make my dad laugh.

I was nine at the time and I think the TV show played quite a large part in me deciding to start my own book of ‘designs’. I found it a while ago and thought I’d do a blog post on it. Now I’m not deluded or anything; I know I’ve never been able to draw unfortunately. However I wonder what some of these drawings would look like if they ever came to life. I think you can definitely see some (frankly pretty dodgy) 80s and 90s influences in there. In fact, if you look closely, you can even see some ‘Fashion Wheel’ design backgrounds too. Wasn’t the ‘Fashion Wheel’ brilliant? Hope this brings back some nostalgic memories of it for you.

Rihanna would so wear this!!...or maybe not...
Rihanna would so wear this!!…or maybe not…


So tacky I love it! <3
So tacky I love it ❤


Like, the nautical trend never goes out of fashion!
Like, the nautical trend never goes out of fashion
It’s all gone a bit shell-suit top!
So nineties!
So nineties…
Spot the Fashion Wheel patterns! ;) ;)
Spot the Fashion Wheel patterns 😉
Some tackilicious 90s styling!
Some tackilicious 90s styling!
Would you wear any of these dresses? Make my childhood dreams come true and lie to me. 🙂 x

10Des 11Des


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