Acting up!

Hi fellow bloggers

Sorry I’ve neglected my blog for a little while. The reason is that I’ve been very busy rehearsing for a play I was acting in at the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday night the piece we’ve been working on for months was finally brought to the stage!

Everything went very well you’ll be glad to hear! (Well I say that now before I’ve seen the recording of the show!) 😉

Fortunately on our opening night we got great laughs from the off which really boosted our confidence and brought the show to life! It was a completely different energy from the rehearsals.

I have quite a lot of friends who are actors or involved in theatre and wherever possible, I’ll usually always try and get to their shows. This weekend has once again reinforced the importance of that for me. When you’re on the stage yourself, you really do appreciate it when people make the effort to go and see you to show their support – it’s a really lovely feeling. Also, you know the effort and work that went into getting a show up and running so you know they deserve an audience.

Sometimes people can be a bit snobby about ‘amateur’ productions – however a lot of amateur theatre in Ireland is of a genuinely high standard – if anything I think ‘amateurs’ (if they do a good job!) deserve kudos for putting their heart and soul into something they’re not getting paid for. As do the people behind the scenes in direction, stage management, set design, lighting, sound and all other areas of production who make the show possible.

If you are interested in theatre/drama, I would really recommend seeing if your local area has a group you could get involved in. The best part is I guarantee you will met lovely, creative and fun people – and knowing you’ve helped create a production people enjoyed is a great feeling!

Our group's poster
Our group’s poster

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