Nailing it!

Nails1Ok, so I know nail wraps have kinda gone out of fashion now since they hit the dizzy heights last year. I still love them though!

I thought I’d share with you an absolute bargain I’ve found. These Elegant Touch Envy Wraps are only £0.49 in Savers Chemists. Yes, you read that right, less than 50p!

I bought some at Christmas time and after I put on a clear top coat, they actually lasted ages; a good two to three weeks. They even passed the muster with my little nephew, about 18 months at the time, who thought they were “woooww!” (It was cuter when he said it!)

These ones were a hit with my little nephew! :)
These ones were a hit with my little nephew!

Anyhow I was in Savers again recently so I thought I’d see if I could find some more and came across these peacock feather patterned ones that I liked. There was actually quite a few plain colour versions which I didn’t really see the point of as it would probably just be easier to paint your nails a block colour. But on second thoughts, maybe it would be useful to cut out the dreaded smudge. Is there anything worse than painstakingly painting your nails only to smudge them five minutes later? (I mean anything worse in relation to doing your nails of course #firstworldproblems ha!)

Actually I don’t think the peacock feather ones turned out that well but sure, they look fine from a distance! 😉 Handily enough the Elegant Touch wraps even come with a mini nail file in the packet which is great because they’re one of those things like hair clips, bobbins etc, you can never seem to find when you need them!

Peacock feathers!
Peacock feathers!

Here’s some of my previous nail looks. The Aztec ones are from Claire’s Accessories but they didn’t stay on very well.


Nails4Here’s a little idea for the niggly leftovers of wraps when you don’t have enough left for another full set. I cut the remainder into stripes and stuck them in the middle of each nail (right). I even tried my hand at painting my own with each half of the nail a different colour but they turned out a bit messy – I think I might have to stick to the wraps! 🙂

My own (not great) handiwork
My own (not great) handiwork
Some previous wraps I got in Penneys
Some previous wraps I got in Penneys

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