Should I buy?…

Hello fellow bloggers 🙂

I wasn’t actually intending to blog now but after working late on a project (it’s finished now, woohoo!) I think I’ve over-indulged on the old caffeine and may have some difficulty getting off to the land of nod!

So I thought I’d try and do something productive (which doesn’t involve having to get up and do something actually seriously productive like tidy/clean the house!) and update my blog.

I have a wedding coming up at the end of May (some people seem to go to weddings a lot but I rarely do so I’m maybe thinking ahead a little more). Anyway I have a dress I bought last year which I think I’d like to wear to it (a cobalt blue and cream number). I’m not normally a particularly co-ordinated person but as it’s a special occasion (and I’m already saving money on the dress lol) I thought it might be nice to pay a little more attention to my accessories.


I’m thinking of this Carvela clutch I spied on reduced to €43.50 from approx. €60. What do you think? I think I might have a little look in town for something too before making a final decision. Sometimes the anticipation of a purchase and planning of an outfit is as good, if not better, than the actual retail therapy – would you agree? Also I think I might even go all out and get my hair and make-up done for the occasion – which wouldn’t really be like me…but did I mention I’m saving on the dress already? 😉


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