Lust list: Whitney Eve

A few years ago I picked up a new book, ‘True Whit’ by Whitney Port (with Sheryl Berk), while on holiday in England. I wasn’t a mega Whitney fan at the time although I thought she seemed nice enough (The Hills’ producers mostly seemed to place her in the role of ‘sounding board’ for Lauren’s love life). However I have to say I really loved her book. It was packed full of snippets on fashion, love, friends, decorating, work and hosting parties. It was all about navigating ‘the quarter life crisis’ in your twenties when you’re trying to figure out what direction to take in life. It seemed very down to earth but fun. All in all, a great coffee table tome (although possibly not heavy enough to be a tome but I like that word!)

Anyhow, I was having a flick through it recently and Whitney mentioned bringing out her first fashion collection in the book. I subsequently decided to check out her latest collection online and I was impressed.

There is a flat international shipping fee of $30. With the weak euro at the moment, that works out at around €27. The prices aren’t the cheapest but on the plus side it’s highly unlikely you’ll meet someone in the same outfit if you order internationally. Here’s some of my favourite pieces below – unfortunately the Papaya Shorts are actually sold out already. You can check out the entire collection at

Crab Claw Dress
Crab Claw Dress ($143)
Bottle Brush Sweater ($121) & (Sold out!) Papaya Shorts ($85)
Noni skirt ($108) & Dahlia top ($139)
Noni Skirt ($108) & Dahlia Top ($139)

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