Virgo’s Lounge – is its distinctiveness a good or bad thing?

27 Dresses, the 2008 hit rom-com, centred around its star Katherine Heigl being forced into a various assortment of colourful monstrosities in order to perform her bridesmaid duties. Fortunately when I was called upon to step up to the bridesmaid-plate, my bride was much, much kinder.

In fact, my bridesmaid role first introduced me to the gorgeousness that is ‘Virgo’s Lounge’. That was back on New Year’s Eve 2013. When the bride, my best friend Sophie, first chose the dresses months earlier, the brand was relatively little-known – here in Ireland, at any rate.weddinglaugh

However Virgo’s Lounge became steadily more renowned, enough to have the bride worried that guests might turn up in the same – or a similar number – on the day. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case and the bride was roundly applauded for her excellent taste (none more so than by her grateful bridesmaids, naturally!) Since then however, the brand has become even more popular and is stocked in several boutiques across the country.

I love the Virgo's Lounge plunging back-line. Backs are a good area to classily expose!
I love the Virgo’s Lounge plunging back-line. Backs are an excellent area to classily expose!

“And the best bit is you can just shorten it and wear it again!” was the hopelessly optimistic refrain repeated throughout 27 Dresses. But actually I didn’t even need to shorten my bridesmaid dress to wear it again – to several black-tie functions post the main event. And after Sophie introduced me to the brand, I even chose a shorter turquoise and gold Virgo’s Lounge number to wear to my 30th birthday (see photos below).

Back again!
Back again!
My 30th birthday in Café Bliss
My 30th birthday in Café Bliss

While I am therefore obviously a fan, it hasn’t escaped my attention though that the designs are all rather similar. A Virgo’s Lounge dress is obviously, distinctively, just that, a Virgo’s Lounge dress. The original top-half sequin pattern is still used in the label’s new collections, albeit mixed up with different skirt lengths and styles, and a jumpsuit style to boot. It’s still beautiful but personally I would feel safer opting for one of the newer patterns, especially if you’re heading to a black tie or very formal do. I think there would be less chance of finding someone else wearing the same dress or the same style in a different colour.

What do you think? Do they need to mix up the new collections a bit more? Or is it a good thing for the label to have a quintessential style all of its own? After all, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

With my friends Chiara, Stuart & Andrei
With my friends Chiara, Stuart & Andrei

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