Lust list

Do you ever find yourself lusting after a particular item that you’ve seen in a magazine, and then on closer inspection think, ‘mmm I’m not so sure…’ This was the case with me for this gorgeous colour block Coast skirt below, which can be found here.CoastI really like the colours and think there is something very dainty yet ‘high fashion’ about having a plain fitted black top with a more voluminous bottom half (not quite Kim K voluminous though!)

Despite all that I wouldn’t actually buy this skirt. For one thing, it’s £180 Stirling so I’m guestimating you’d be looking at least €210 here in the south. Pretty pricey for a high street find (yes, I know, I know, it’s Coast, but still!)

Also, reason number two, I wonder if due to its maxi length, would it not just be ‘a bit much’ in real life? Would this style be more flattering in a midi length coupled with a gorgeous (but not too high) pair of heels?

With this in mind I set about trying to find more wearable alternatives (with the added bonus of creating less of a dent in the aul wallet).

After checking out a few sites, the cutest alternatives I found were these two on, both with considerably more cheerful price points of £25 and £29.99 respectively.MissguidedbMissguidedI would actually love something a bit closer to the first Coast pick I spied, in terms of having a similarly bright palette and the colour block pattern – but hey, ho you can’t have everything I guess. The jury’s out on whether the above two examples, while undoubtedly pretty, have actually done enough for me to loosen my purse strings – well I do already possess an entire chaotic bedroom full of clothes I could wear instead – but in any case you can find them here and here.

While I was browsing, I also came across this (pretty much completely unrelated) gorge Bardot number. I won’t be buying this either but it did remind me that I have a similar (although not quite as nice) top already in my wardrobe. I must dig it out once the season ‘transitions’ (isn’t fashion-speak gas?) into something mildly more pleasant (read: it’s not fecking Baltic anymore!) I think this Bardot style is so fabulously feminine. You can find it here.Missguided2What are your own thoughts on the midi? Will you be investing this season?

Ps sorry to anyone who came to this post expecting a poem. What can I say, I like to mix things up a little. And anyhow aren’t clothes one of the best (speechless) forms of expression? They definitely make me come over a little wistful – not to mention wishful! #DedicatedFollowerOfFashion #TheKinksAreKlass.


2 thoughts on “Lust list

    1. Hi Ciara! 🙂 I think that would be beautiful, maybe bring the shoes & top into the store with you to see what it would all look like together. But yes I definitely think for a special occasion like that it would be stunning & prob a little different if everyone else is wearing dresses – always a good thing!

      Would love to see a pic or a link if you’re blogging about it – have fun at the ball! 🙂

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